Friends of Jensen-Olson Arboretum

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Southeast Bench

Southeast Bench bricks

These bricks are in front of the Southeast Bench near the beach edge of area 6
RowColumn 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6Column 7
1Kootz the Dog Loved by Everyone 2001-13John O'Brien Sr. Marilyn O'BrienNurture the Soul Garden J.J. & I.Malgia Arehart Husband, FatherBennet Renshaw ErwinM. Menzi and W. Hueman July 20 1991
2Kelsey BarkerEliott Russell Leighty 2012Weed it and ReapNorma Grace Bartoo Flowers ForeverJoseph Hildreth Silent Key KL7DWEThe Gorsuch Children E'67 K’69 J'70 D’72 D'75John Hartle and Clare Pavia 6.12.10
3Lindsey BarkerIn Memory of Gwen StetsonBrianna and LauraGreyson Taylor Leighty 2012Felix Reifenstein Leighty 2012In Loving Memory of Vi Fish
4The Hartle Family Jane Harry Fu BaoMalgia Arehart Silent Key KL7AVTOwen Willoughby Leighty 2009Beloved Malgia ArehartMalgia Arehart Nov 1932-Mar 2011Nate Satterfield Best One and OnlyJim Sturrock Kathy Sturrock
5Merl C Brown 1920-2010Caroie, Romer, Brian We Miss YouBob and Marion SimpsonRemembering Becky CarlsThe WeedlesZike & Freda for the Miller & Mow Families
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