Friends of Jensen-Olson Arboretum

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Benches and Bricks

The arboretum’s  six benches invite you to pause on your garden journey to enjoy intimate garden and scenic views. Backs of several benches contain commemorative plaques. Areas in front of five benches are paved with commemorative bricks.

To locate a particular brick, use the search function on the top of the table below or browse the table to find the engraving you are looking for. Click the bench name to see a layout of the particular area and browse or search by row.  Layout is oriented as one would see bricks facing the bench. Please note that some bricks on the shelter steps are being replaced, indicated with an asterisk.  A picture of each bench area is included.

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EngravingClick to view brick areaRow
Rose Calkins MuzzyApple TreeRow 1
Dean and Chiska
21 June 2008
Apple TreeRow 2
Gratitude to Planet's
Life-changing Leaf
Apple TreeRow 3
In Loving Memory of
Katarina Jackson
Apple TreeRow 4
Jack and Jeanne
Apple TreeRow 5
Evan, Evan & Joel Juneau Outdoor BoysApple TreeRow 1

In Loving Memory Kris Ravetz MGApple TreeRow 2
Brillo and KonnieApple TreeRow 3
The Carpeneti FamilyApple TreeRow 4
In Loving Memory of Grace WeinbergApple TreeRow 5
Faye Ora Arends
Oct. 5 2009
Apple TreeRow 1
In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth Martin
Apple TreeRow 2
In Loving Memory of
Marie Hebhardt
Apple TreeRow 3
Look to the Ocean
for Peace the Peters
Apple TreeRow 4
In Loving Memory of
Lloyd Martin
Apple TreeRow 5
Love the arboretumApple TreeRow 1
Clara & Ben
Esther & Mark
Apple TreeRow 2
Valera Manning
My Gardening Buddy
Apple TreeRow 3
In Loving Memory of
Nip-Purr Jackson
Apple TreeRow 4
The Akiyamas Henry
Grace Alan Lisa Duke
Apple TreeRow 5
In Memory of
Grace and Walt Butts
Apple TreeRow 1
Don and Janet KussartApple TreeRow 2
Apple TreeRow 3
Family 2011
Apple TreeRow 4
Richard Jeane & Beth
Apple TreeRow 5
Cancer SucksApple TreeRow 1
We Love You Texas
Granny and Papa Bes
Apple TreeRow 2
We Miss You John C!
Amy Jenna & Eli
Apple TreeRow 3
Chad & Katie Thomas
July 18 2008
Apple TreeRow 4
The Spargo Family
Juneau Alaska
Apple TreeRow 5
In Loving Memory
Steven F Butts
Apple TreeRow 2
Dad,Sam Galuzzo
XO, for My First Garden
Apple TreeRow 4
Mary Fetter
A Gracious Gardener

Southwest Bench
Row 1
Thanks to Pat Harris

Southwest Bench
Row 2
Elliot Russell
Leighty 2012

Southwest Bench
Row 3
Richard Jean & Beth

Southwest Bench
Row 4
Valerie Hillyer 2017
Juneau Garden Club

Southwest Bench
Row 5
Margaret Dowling
Jim Thompson

Southwest Bench
Row 6
Ilyana Reifenstein
Leighty 2015

Southwest Bench
Row 1
Barbara A. Wells

Southwest Bench
Row 2
Valley Dominos

Southwest Bench
Row 3
All Who Wander
Are Not Lost

Southwest Bench
Row 4
Happy Day to You
The Mallot Family

Southwest Bench
Row 5
Marla Berg
John Greely

Southwest Bench
Row 6
Kate McKelvey
Earl Nelson

Southwest Bench
Row 1
Kathy Dietrick

Southwest Bench
Row 2
Sandra H. Perry
In Memorium

Southwest Bench
Row 3
Barbara A Wells

Southwest Bench
Row 4
Rev Thomas Bunnett
Our First Home

Southwest Bench
Row 5
Loving Nature in Juneau
Linda Kruger

Southwest Bench
Row 6
April & Amy
Thanks Love Mom

Southwest Bench
Row 1
Sweet Pea
Southwest Bench
Row 2
Merrill and Kelly Many Thanks!
Southwest Bench
Row 3
Paul Ulaowsky
Southwest Bench
Row 4
Mary Ann & Tony Soltys
Southwest Bench
Row 5
Malgia Arehart Army Vet ACS
Southwest Bench
Row 6
In Memory of Eureath J Horning
Southwest Bench
Row 1
WBC CMH Best Gardeners Ever
Southwest Bench
Row 2
Fred & Mary Bergander
Southwest Bench
Row 3
Rachell & Marlena Susan & Jeff Sloss
Southwest Bench
Row 4
With Many Thanks to Larry and Janet Christ
Southwest Bench
Row 5
Cliff Lobaugh Primrose Man
Southwest Bench
Row 6
Plant a Tree
The Lochers

Southwest Bench
Row 1
In Loving Memory of
Shelley Saviko

Southwest Bench
Row 2
Poppy Mountcastle
and Family

Southwest Bench
Row 3
Cedric & Jack Bollinger
Southwest Bench
Row 4
Madelyn Dupere
Rose of Our Hearts

Southwest Bench
Row 5
In Honor of Cathy
Mark & Alaina Risse

Southwest Bench
Row 6
in Honor of Cathy
Mark & Alaina Risse

Southwest Bench
Row 1
Cindy Stevens Audet
Southwest Bench
Row 2
Thnx Caroline Glenn
Lisa, Grady & Keenan

Southwest Bench
Row 3
ESB Welcome to the
Garden June 17 2016

Southwest Bench
Row 4
Shelley Savikko
Our Good Friend

Southwest Bench
Row 5
Eureath J. Horning
Homesteader & Gardener

Southwest Bench
Row 6
Kootz the Dog Loved by Everyone 2001-13Southeast BenchRow 1
Kelsey BarkerSoutheast BenchRow 2
Lindsey BarkerSoutheast BenchRow 3
The Hartle Family Jane Harry Fu BaoSoutheast BenchRow 4
Merl C Brown 1920-2010Southeast BenchRow 5
John O'Brien Sr. Marilyn O'BrienSoutheast BenchRow 1
Eliott Russell Leighty 2012Southeast BenchRow 2
In Memory of Gwen StetsonSoutheast BenchRow 3
Malgia Arehart Silent Key KL7AVTSoutheast BenchRow 4
Caroie, Romer, Brian We Miss YouSoutheast BenchRow 5
Nurture the Soul Garden J.J. & I.Southeast BenchRow 1
Weed it and ReapSoutheast BenchRow 2
Brianna and LauraSoutheast BenchRow 3
Owen Willoughby Leighty 2009Southeast BenchRow 4
Bob and Marion SimpsonSoutheast BenchRow 5
Malgia Arehart Husband, FatherSoutheast BenchRow 1
Norma Grace Bartoo Flowers ForeverSoutheast BenchRow 2
Greyson Taylor Leighty 2012Southeast BenchRow 3
Beloved Malgia ArehartSoutheast BenchRow 4
Remembering Becky CarlsSoutheast BenchRow 5
Bennet Renshaw ErwinSoutheast BenchRow 1
Joseph Hildreth Silent Key KL7DWESoutheast BenchRow 2
Felix Reifenstein Leighty 2012Southeast BenchRow 3
Malgia Arehart Nov 1932-Mar 2011Southeast BenchRow 4
The WeedlesSoutheast BenchRow 5
M. Menzi and W. Heumann July 20 1991Southeast BenchRow 1
The Gorsuch Children E'67 K’69 J'70 D’72 D'75Southeast BenchRow 2
In Loving Memory of Vi FishSoutheast BenchRow 3
Nate Satterfield Best One and OnlySoutheast BenchRow 4
Zike & Freda for the Miller & Mow FamiliesSoutheast BenchRow 5
John Hartle and Clare Pavia 6.12.10Southeast BenchRow 2
Jim Sturrock Kathy SturrockSoutheast BenchRow 4
Mike and Bev GelstonChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - ground
Karen & Dave Harris * Last House on LeftChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - ground
In Memory of John MoleskiChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - ground
In Loving Memory of Solomon Onyx MintonChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - ground
David Kunat 5/27/17 Miss You MonikaChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - ground
Dan Branch: He Found Joy in Green & QuietChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - ground
In Loving Memory of Virginia MurrayChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - ground
K. Odell Ellis RIP 7/22/2022Chilkats View ShelterRow 2 - ground
Rose Schreier Welton and Rob WeltonChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - ground
I Toiled this Soil Lois Brown WestonChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - ground
Deb, the Whole World Is Your Garden!Chilkats View ShelterRow 2 - ground
Deb, the Whole World Is Your Garden!Chilkats View ShelterRow 3 - ground
Hanni LiliedahlChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - ground
With Grateful Hearts the Tempel FamilyChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - ground
Peter Freer, Forever Loved and MissedChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - ground
Drew & Christian June 24, 2023Chilkats View ShelterRow 2 - ground
Joy We Share as We Tarry There Doug & SueChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - ground
Jake & Kayla Fleetwood Married Aug 7 2021Chilkats View ShelterRow 3 - ground
Alexis Ehlers-Our Tears Will Never DryChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
Cheri Fluck Juneau APSChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
Thank You CarolineChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
Herb Dickspn Chehalis Rare PlantsChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
APS John Kerridge Vancouver BC, CanadaChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
Duane Buell Juneau APSChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
A Treasure for All to Enjoy! Joan BrownChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
Thank You * Mrs. HauserChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
John O'Brien Juneau APSChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
Robert C Babson, ESQ We Miss You, Bob *Chilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
Alan and Carolyn Gould Alma Trucano Mother *Chilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
Keep a Growing Sharon and PeterChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
For My Parents * Who Taught Me to LoveChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
Pat White * Mike Tobin 2020Chilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
Douglas Conor Gardener & SailorChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
Amelia and Josie Elfers *Chilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
Remembering * Uncle Al DukeChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
Lori Fletcher * Smudge & GullyChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
A Favorite Spot * with Sweet AdelineChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
Mary Ann Vaughan * Ken VaughanChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
In Loving Memory * Claire WestermeyerChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
In Memory of * George PorterChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
Mark A Rainery with love Joan BrownChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
Adair & Brian Soneson With love, Joan BrownChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
Kurt and Chris KondzelaChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
Danilo R Gaceta Asela CarmelitaChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
Pat & Scott Hartman Thank You FJOA *Chilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
Valley Dominos PizzaChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - bottom
In Memory Sherry YoungChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - bottom
Continue My Day in * Wonder and AweChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - bottom
The Gaiptman-Freers Grateful for JOAChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
Susan & Mark HickeyChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
Koelsch-Kaylee Fiona and KendellChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
In Loving Memory Alexis Ashley EhlersChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
Peggy and Alex WertheimerChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
Bonnie & Denny MerrittChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
Alma Trucano We Love You Mom 1916-2015Chilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
Brad and Bonnie and Drew GrueningChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
Sharron Lobaugh Artist and AdvocateChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
For Tom Linklater with Love Go DucksChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
Milo Furry FriendChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
In Loving Memory June Baker 1939-2010Chilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
Cyd Brower Kindred SpiritChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
The Stekoll FamilyChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
Love Family & Friends Merrill &KellyChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
Koelsch-Ken, Marian Amber, Karter&DeborahChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
Jim Custer Spokane, WashingtonChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
We Love Iris John & Judy NearyChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
Elizabeth E Harris Friend of CarolineChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
In Loving Memory of Patty McDougalChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
Phoebe Most Beautiful CatChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
Phoebe Most Beautiful CatChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
A Garden for You DadChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
Happy Day to You The Scribner FamilyChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
Cheryl Sue Texas Too CutieChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
APS Rosetta Jones Shelton, WashingtonChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
Vivian Bearden 2018Chilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
We Love This Place Amy & RandyChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - middle
Mother Nature RulesChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - middle
Mark A Rainery With Love, Joan BrownChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - middle
Best Friend Bonnie GoodrichChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
Reagan Teal Chambley 18 June 2019Chilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
Josephine Motyka MomChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
Happy Birthday Judy Whittaker!Chilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
Judy T Gibson Seek Whisper DiamondsChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
Dogs Warm Our Hearts @ Railay TullisChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
Doak Walker" 1933-2019Chilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
Water the Seeds of Compassion and JoyChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
In Loving Memory Bob and Louise ShawChilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
Bill, Karen & Kristina PaulickChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
Mike & Sharon BartonChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
Sam Siroky an Alaskan BoyChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
ConnieChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
In Memory of FionaChilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
TWIGS 2008 A New ChapterChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
Love our Arboretum Rachel and EdChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
A Spirit Most AdventurousChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
Terry Toon Our Gardening MentorChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
Jeanne MurrayChilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
Anjela & QuigleyChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
Fun Katy and Maxine We Miss You! MM & MMChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
Mary Siroky and Kurt FredrickssonChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
Howard F Gibson Better Make OneChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
Where's the Bench?" Sandy G. 1940-2020Chilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
Abigail AuerswaldChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
Sundie Hargis + * Dianne BiggeChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
Missing Ted and Doreen MerrellChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
Jean Whitney Garden LoverChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
Grandma AuerswaldChilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
The Schroeder Family Let Nature Bring JoyChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
In Loving Memory of Veronica CavanaughChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
Cathy Connor Rod FlynnChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
Welcome Yara Joon 1.4.2021Chilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
Jordan Eugene JenningsChilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
Madeline AuerswaldChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
Bob and Marion SimpsonChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
Leanna Our Angel MotherChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
Molly Gabriella RyanChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
In Memory Warren and Margaret WildChilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
Ginger & Ken Adventure TogetherChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
Shirley Campbell Friend and GardenerChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
Sandy Klawonn Loving Mom & GrandmaChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
Kelsey & Brian August 14, 2021Chilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
Thanks Lauren Smoker for 30 Years NOAA CGChilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
Jan Rutherdale 2019 Boundless EnergyChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
Love Grows Here T&S J&D and P&KChilkats View ShelterRow 1 - top
Thank You Jan SEAlaska Land TrustChilkats View ShelterRow 2 - top
Look at Us Bear 2021 XO-Ma, FJ & WolfieChilkats View ShelterRow 3 - top
Laura Elise and Javi Alaska 2021Chilkats View ShelterRow 4 - top
Cristine CrooksChilkats View ShelterRow 5 - top
Erman and Evelyn WerchanForest EdgeRow 1
Please Donate to the Arboretum--It's YoursForest EdgeRow 2
Kim Garnero Dan RounsleyForest EdgeRow 3
Thelma Cowan's Memory, Who Loved NatureForest EdgeRow 4
Sigler FamilyForest EdgeRow 1
Flower Power Reifenstein FamilyForest EdgeRow 2
Gardening is Close to the Earth 2009Forest EdgeRow 3
Brad, Bonnie, & Drew GrueningForest EdgeRow 4
2010 Nancy Waterman Bill Leighty FamilyForest EdgeRow 1
Clarissa Rizal & FamilyForest EdgeRow 2
Patricia HullForest EdgeRow 3
Tim & Stella FullamForest EdgeRow 4
Mary Anderson Jonathan AndersonForest EdgeRow 1
God be With YouForest EdgeRow 2
Brianna and LauraForest EdgeRow 3
Thank You CarolineForest EdgeRow 4
Marc Weld Beckett Simone Matsil/RoyalForest EdgeRow 1
We Celebrate Everett and Alice BurnsForest EdgeRow 2
In Loving Memory Kris Ravetz MGForest EdgeRow 3
Decherney FamilyForest EdgeRow 4
Remembering Ted & Mary BuyarskiForest EdgeRow 1
In Memory of Jack and Maurine KrehbielForest EdgeRow 2
Gratitude to GaiaForest EdgeRow 3
Charlotte & Brooke SanfordForest EdgeRow 4
Debi and Mark
Alana and Joelle
Forest EdgeRow 2
Dick Wood, Evan Wood & Peggy Cowan 2009Forest EdgeRow 4
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