Friends of Jensen-Olson Arboretum

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The Jensen-Olson Arboretum is owned by the City and Borough of Juneau and operates under a conservation easement held by the Southeast Alaska Land Trust.  The arboretum also has several partnerships and affiliations with a variety of entities related to its role as a public garden.  

The Friends of Jensen-Olson Arboretum is a separate non-profit organization established to support projects and programs at the arboretum.  We are guided by Caroline’s vision to provide the people of Juneau a place that both teaches and inspires learning in horticulture, natural sciences, and landscaping – to preserve the beauty of the landscape for pure aesthetic enjoyment – to maintain the historical and cultural context of the place and its people.  

Many individuals and civic organizations have contributed much to the infrastructure and programs at the arboretum – everything from construction projects and arts programs to grounds maintenance. We partner with the Juneau Community Foundation to administer two funds that facilitate our mission.

We are so grateful to all who have helped us fulfill Caroline’s vision and care for Caroline’s garden.
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